This website

In this post, I'll try to explain quickly how works this website. If you want to see more about the backend of the website, go check the other post I made about the framework.

An image browser

A always had images to store on my computer. I had a lot of different wallpapers. And depending on my mood, I would like to change it. But when we have a lot of different pictures on different themes, it's difficult to find what we want.

So I decided to look about what exist on the internet. The way I liked the most was to put tags on the picture. This way, we don't have to put the picture on a folder or another, we just add the tags we want, and we just have to search this tags to find the picture.

I also decided to create this system of tags in a website, and I'm able from every computer/smartphone on my house (connected to the Wi-fi) to access this website. That's one of the best part of the website :)

Then, I wanted to have my own website. I began with a Wordpress, but it's very heavy (for my poor internet), and it wasn't made by me. So I changed a bit the website, and it's now able to contain markdown. Yes, this post is written in Markdown, like every one on this website! That way, it's easy for me to add content.



In this website, I'm able to add posts. A post is a picture, video or markdown. Each post has an ID and posses tags. Those tags allows every one to search it.


Each post has an indefined number of tags. On my website, I'm the only one who's able to add/remove a tag (it's understandable I think). If the post is an picture, it's possible to position the tag anywhere on the picture. That way, it's easy to see what is tagged. For example, if there is an apple on the picture, I can place the tag apple on the apple. I added that because it was fun, I don't really know yet if it's usefull xD

I created a syntax to search posts on my website. When we put one tag, it will only show the post that contains that tag. To put several tags, you need to separate each one with an ; or |. The first one is an and and the second is an or. It means that apple|computer will show post containing apple or computer the two. apple;computer will only show the posts containing apple and computer.

You can put ( and ) to do more complex searchs. For example apple;(computer|PC) to have every posts containing apple, and one of computer or PC.


Everyone (connected user) can create pools. A pool is a group of posts.


Everyone (connected user) can comment every post. There is currently no particular syntax on comments, so don't bother trying to make them cute.


If you want to contribute, you can:

  • Test the website (but don't try destroy it)
  • Report the problems encoutered (you can comment here or go to the github)
  • Tell me about what can be better
  • Add things to the website (I'll be glad to help you if you want to)
  • Use the website in your computer to store your pictures!

You can get the source code of the base of this website here. If there is something you don't found on the git and you want it, it's possible that I didn't push it yet. Just ask me!

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